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A Whirlpool is a bath of rapidly rotating water. Although whirlpools are different sizes, they all work on similar principles. Warm whirlpools help improve circulation, allowing blood to transport oxygen to the cells, suppress sensory nerve endings, increase cell permeability, and improve muscle relaxation all of which help with healing. The turbulence in a whirlpool keeps the temperature constant in the

tank and also stimulates lymphatic circulation. Whirlpools are used to treat a variety of conditions including chronic traumatic or inflammatory conditions, peripheral vascular disease, peripheral nerve injuries, burns and lacerations.

Paraffin Bath

A paraffin bath is a type of therapy that is used on the foot and ankle to treat skin conditions using paraffin wax and mineral oil. It is also used to treat foot pain and can be beneficial for those with limited mobility. Medical grade paraffin wax is heated to a melting temperature. The patient then dips their foot into the wax several times. The wax is left on the foot for approximately 10 minutes so the heat from the wax can permeate into the foot. There are several benefits of paraffin wax treatment including:improving circulation, softening hard, cracked skin, increasing local metabolism, reducing pain and promoting muscle relaxation.

Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation is a treatment which causes muscles to contract using electrical impulses. Electrodes, controlled by a machine, are placed on the skin over a specific area. Electrical stimulation of muscles is a way to provide exercise to muscles when the patient is unable to do so. This helps your muscles become stronger. If the muscle is deprived of a nerve supply, electrical stimulation can promote blood flow.

It is also used to improve or maintain mobility, strengthen healthy muscle, reverse or prevent disuse atrophy, and encourage peripheral circulation.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound is a type of therapy using high frequency sound waves. It is applied using the head of an ultrasound probe that is placed on your skin via a transmission coupling gel. During the treatment the head of the ultrasound probe is kept in constant motion. The patient should feel no pain at all. The ultrasound waves are generated by piezoelectricity caused by the vibration of crystals within the head of the probe. They pass through the skin causing vibration of the soft tissues which leads to deep heating. There are several benefits from ultrasound therapy including: an increase in blood flow which helps reduce local swelling and chronic inflammation, it helps breakdown scar tissue, relaxes the muscles, pain reduction, flexibility of joints, ligaments, tendons, adhesions and accelerates healing. It can also be used as a non-invasive way of administering medications to tissues below the skin. Ultrasound is extremely effective when used in connection with stretching and therapeutic exercise.

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