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Lower Your Risk For Diabetes


Diabetes affects more than 422 million people worldwide! That’s more then 21 times the number of people living in the state of New York alone!

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Over two out of every three people with diabetes is unaware that they have the disease. There are three types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and gestational diabetes. The number of Americans with diabetes is expected to double or triple by the year 2050. While these statistics are grim, there are many things that can be done to prevent type 2 diabetes. 

Here Are Some Simple Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Prevent Diabetes:

Stay At A Healthy Weight:

Type 2 diabetes and obesity are closely linked, and maintaining a healthy weight can really make a difference! The goal is to maintain a BMI less than 25.

Eating Well Is Also Important In Prevention:

Surprisingly, studies have shown that women that consume processed red meat are at increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Eating less meat may be preventative as well as avoiding foods high in saturated fats, cholesterol, and sugar. Eating whole grains, nuts and citrus fruits have also shown to be preventative. Having a diet high in fiber can also help control blood sugar, thus lowering the risk of developing diabetes. Stay away from fad diets, and make it a goal to simply make healthier choices.

Ditch The Soda For Coffee:

Drinking soda can increase your diabetes risk by 26%, but drinking more than 1 cup of coffee a day can be preventative.

Be Active:

Walking for just a few minutes about half an hour after dinner has shown to be helpful by lowering blood sugar levels. Weight lifting can also lower blood sugar better than aerobic exercise can, while maintaining muscle mass and speeding metabolism. However, a good mix of aerobic exercise and weight training is ideal for maximum benefit. 

These are just a few tips for a healthier lifestyle that may aid in the prevention of developing type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes has some genetic components, but developing the disease is greatly affected by lifestyle. It is never too late to start living a healthier lifestyle, and if you are at increased risk of developing diabetes it is important to talk to your doctor and get screened for diabetes.


By John Jurcisin

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