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Patient Reviews

  • "The best Dr.John Jurcisin and staff are the best foot care in the whole world. He help me a lot with my feet a lot. I thank his a lot and god bless him for helping me with my both feet."

    Yelp - Luis A. Leon Leon

  • "Dr. Jurcisin is a very reliable and knowledgeable specialist. He has helped me to keep my feet healthy, and is a wonderful foot surgeon. His office staff has always been friendly and helpful."

    Yelp - Elizabeth V

  • "I had a pedicure done one week ago and I had an ingrown nail removed. Today I woke up with a terrible infection. I had so much pus under my toe and lots of pain. I called in today to see if Dr. Jurcisin can see me and I was given an appointment immediately. The waiting time in the waiting room was under 5 min. (That's how long it took me to write my medical history) I was taken into the room which was extremely cleaned. All the instruments were nicely packed and infection control was on point. He was so GENTLE and e provided novocaine to ease the pain. He was so professional. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jurcisin and all of his staff was so friendly and attentive. Maria was so sweet. Thank you, I will be seeing you soon."

    Yelp - Jenny H

  • "I severely twisted my ankle and it was beyond excruciating that I needed to consult with a doctor. My wife referred me to her Podiatrist, Dr. John Jurcisin. He was very attentive, took x-rays and gave me a thorough examination and explained that nothing was broken but I had a ton of inflammation. The doctor prescribed anti-inflammatory medications, instructions on how to take care of my foot at home and gave me a surgical shoe to wear. Dr. Jurcisin was personable, thorough, professional and his staff was friendly. I saw Dr. Jurcisin 3 months; first, weekly, then twice a month and soon I was up and running normal again. I am glad I sought help from Dr. Jurcisin as he healed me quicker than I would have done on my own. Thank you, Dr. Jurcisin, for your care and expertise!"

    Google - Murat Abali

  • "The staff is incredibly warm, helpful and professional at all times. Dr. Jurcisin is upfront yet kind and professional as well. I had surgery and felt incredibly comfortable with having the procedure in office. I have called with numerous early post op questions and Dr. J. responded in a timely manner. I have also on occasion, asked to come in for a same day appointment to see Dr. J and both the doctor and staff have been more than accommodating. I am still in a post-op phase of my recovery but I am already pleased and thankful to have allowed Dr. Jurcisin to perform my bunion and hammer toe surgery. My foot is healing nicely. Excellent doctor!"

    Google - Safiyyah Muhammad

  • "In January of 2017, Dr. Jurcisin helped me again--with yet another chronic foot ailment. I had a very complicated surgery in my right foot. Dr. Jurcisin actually created an arch in my foot! Before surgery, he took an x-ray and explained step by step how he would reconstruct the bones with some hardware. In addition, he repaired a ligament and a torn tendon. He had the best team of doctor and nurses to assist with the surgery. After several hours of surgery, Dr. Jurcisin and his assistant doctor visited me in the recovery room throughout the day to make sure I was fine. Presently, I am seeing Dr. Jurcisin in his office in Manhattan weekly to change the bandage and he counseled me with some light exercises for my foot. Furthermore, he ordered a cold compressor machine to aide in my healing process at home. My foot is healing nicely. Soon, I will start physical therapy. I received such great care from Dr. Jurcisin and I trust his expertise whole heartedly. I can’t wait to see the new arch on my foot and to be able to walk normal again without pain. Dr. Jurcisin is a great Podiatrist and I highly recommend him to those with foot issues!"

    Google - Tanyin Soeu

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