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Can My Flat Feet Cause Health Issues?

Can My Flat Feet Cause Health Issues?

When you have pain in other parts of your body, the last thing you may think about is your feet. However, your feet act as the foundation for your entire body, just like the foundation in a building that supports walls, floors, and a roof. And, just like in a building, if there’s a problem with the foundation, it can throw off the entire structure.

John Jurcisin, DPM, at Precision Footcare in Midtown East, New York City, has spent more than 30 years practicing foot surgery and podiatric medicine. He shares these insights into how your arches work and how flat feet can cause health issues in other parts of your body.

Why arches matter

It’s easy to overlook the humble arch. After all, it’s hidden underneath your foot, so it often goes unnoticed. But, this small area, formed by ligaments, tendons, and bones, plays a key role in supporting your body weight and impacting how you walk. 

Your arches also add spring to your step and help distribute your body weight evenly across your feet and legs. So, you need healthy arches with flexibility and sturdiness that can adapt to stress on multiple services. Otherwise, this delicate system can get thrown off, causing discomfort and pain in the arch and other areas of your body.

Taking a closer look at flat feet

With a normal arch, there is a slight gap underneath the inner part of the foot. When you have low arches, or flat feet, the entire sole of your foot touches the ground when you stand.

Unfortunately, this causes your feet to roll inward when you stand or walk, which throws off the structure and alignment in your body, which can lead to pain in the feet and strained muscles and ligaments. However, since your arches support your entire body, the problems don’t stop there.

Flat feet can cause a ripple effect that runs all the way into your back. In fact, it’s possible to experience pain and swelling in the:

You can even have a higher risk of injury because these alignment issues can cause faster or uneven wear on your shoes.

Finding solutions for flat feet

You may not be able to control what type of arches you have, but you can manage your condition and restore alignment in your body to avoid other health issues.

Since everyone has unique arches, Dr. Jurcisin performs a comprehensive exam to determine what’s to blame for your symptoms. Then, he creates a personalized approach to manage your condition.

Common strategies for flat feet include:

If your foot condition is related to tendon damage or foot deformities, Dr. Jurcisin could recommend surgery to correct the problem and restore function.

Do you have flat feet? Dr. Jurcisin can help. To learn more, call 212-750-8344 or book an appointment online with Precision Footcare today.

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